Melanie Carvalho

“Melanie Carvalho’s richly composed and paradisiacal landscapes evoke something of the edenic. A horticultural ambassador and worshipper of Flora the Jolly Italian Goddess of flowering plants, intelligently designing flora and fauna’d worlds on paper, an Osgood Mackenzie of the visual arts, a founder of wilderness gardens and an artistic naturalist. A maker of not so still lives, as the viewers orchestrate their own subconscious soundtracks, which may include the buzz of bees, the liquid song of birds and the rhythmic vibration of musical grasshoppers. Indeed, the blooming landscapes could be created arbitrarily by travelling from exotic climes through the digestive tracts of exotic paper birds, carried migratorially on and through Carvalho’s gulf stream of consciousness.  Alluding to foreign lands, and their foreign foliage gaining footholds on foreign shores.”

Colin Martin, 2005


Melanie Carvalho recently showed her Expedition films at Back and Forth, Copeland Gallery, London (June 2018). Past shows include Oriel Davies Open 2016, the Lumen Prize 2014 for her animation Wot I,  Creekside Open 2013; Eastern Vistas, Smiths Row, 2012; Secret of England’s Greatness, Vienna, 2011; Hidde van Seggelen gallery, 2010 and 2006; East International and ArtFutures at Bloomberg Space 2007; Dundee Contemporary Arts, 2006; Collage at Bloomberg Space;  Viewfinder at Arnolfini, Bristol; and Describe a Landscape at Cubitt, London. Her video for Django Django’s Born Under Saturn album (2015) can be seen here. Her work is in private and public collections, including HangART-7, Salzburg, Vienna; and The New Art Gallery, Walsall.



Further writing

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